Digital Literary Magazine

An experiment in creative collaboration

Submission Guidelines & FAQ

I conceived Digital Literary Magazine with the intention that the creative works within would adhere to two guidelines: they should be of substance, and they should be authentic.

When I say that a piece should be “of substance,” I mean that it should not be the inane, SEO-optimized, celebrity-centric drivel in which Internet users drown on a daily basis. When I say that a piece should be “authentic,” I mean that it should be genuine and original and undeniably¬†you.

This is an opportunity to share your work — your passion, your soul — with an audience that yearns for such open expression.



Frequently Asked Questions:

I read Issue One and want more! Where’s Issue Two?

Issue Two will be released sometime in 2014, as schedule permits.


Is DLM a website?

No. Digital Literary Magazine is just that: a digital literary magazine. It is meant to be experienced as a single issue. The final product will be a PDF file, downloadable from this website and viewable on computers, iPads and the like. is simply a place for said digital file to live.


What are the deadlines?

  • Digital Literary accepts submissions on a continuing basis. Submit at your leisure!
  • Please email with the subject line “Digital Literary Magazine” to submit.


What type of writing are you looking for?

The only “requirements” for written works are that they be of substance and authentic. That said, here are a few ideas for potential submissions to get your gears turning:

  • Fiction (short stories, book excerpts)
  • Opinion pieces
  • Poetry
  • Feature stories
  • Personality profiles / interviews
  • News
  • Album, film, book or restaurant reviews
  • Recipes (with photographs)

You should also download Issue One to get a sense of what DLM is all about.


How can I contribute to DLM as an artist or photographer?

You may take part in DLM as an artist or photographer in two ways:

  1. Standalone pieces of art or photography (including still shots from videos)
  2. Work that complements a written piece

If you would like to submit a standalone piece, please email me at with your idea.

If you would like to provide art or photography to complement a written piece, please email me at and tell me what type of visual work you do and what sort of genres you are interested in. I will do my best to assign you a written piece that complements your unique style and skill set.


How should I submit my work?

Please email your submissions to, and include the words “Digital Literary Magazine” in the subject line of the email.

Submissions should include the following three pieces:

  • A short bio, which will appear on the “Contributors” page of the magazine. 75-150 words that tell about your background and what you’re doing now. Be sure to include any contact info that you want readers to have: website URL, email address, etc. Readers who like your work will be able to follow the link directly to your website!


  • A mugshot. Any background will do, as long as the photo 300 dpi. (Be creative! Check out the mugshots in the Contributors section of Issue One for ideas.)


  • Text files containing your written work OR bright, clear, beautiful photos or scans of your visual work!


Is there a word limit for written works?

The word limit is 5,000 words.


What are the requirements for photography and artwork?

Please ensure that all photographs are 300 dpi or greater and 4″ x 6″ or larger.


What is DLM’s rating? Are there guidelines with regards to violence, sexuality, language, etc.?

To put it simply, I’d like the pieces in DLM to adhere to a mild R rating. Sexuality, violence and unsavory language are acceptable, as they represent significant aspects of the drama that constitute this human experience of ours — which, of course, the magazine exists to showcase. But I ask that contributors avoid the explicit and the gratuitous. I believe the aforementioned aspects of our humanity can be expressed effectively without diving into such detail that an NC-17 rating could be applied.

While erotica has its rightful place in writing, DLM is not that place. I don’t want contributors to feel their work has been watered down in a wash of Puritanical censorship, but I also don’t want DLM to stare defiantly in the face of its readers, daring them to take offense.


Who owns the rights to work I submit?

I won’t make any claims to ownership of your work. You may submit work that you’ve submitted elsewhere (as long as no one else owns the rights), and you may republish the work you submit here later on.

I will not steal or sell your ideas. Any idea you pitch that does not find its way into the magazine will remain confidential.


How will I be credited for my work?

I will give full credit to you, both next to your work and in the “contributors” section of the magazine. In the contributors section, I will include a brief bio and the contact information of your choice: website url, email address, phone number, YouTube channel, Facebook profile, etc. Consider this a great opportunity to disseminate your work and connect with people who want to see more of it! (Issue One was downloaded over 600 times in the first 24 hours, so your work will enjoy great exposure!)


Will you edit my submissions?

I may edit written works for grammar and spelling. I may also communicate with you regarding the fine-tuning of news or opinion articles. Please do not take this feedback personally; it is editorial collaboration as per the journalistic tradition.


Will I be paid cash money dollars? 

Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide financial compensation. DLM is a collaborative project that exists for its own sake.


May I submit more than one work?

Certainly! Please feel free to submit as many times as you like. However, I cannot guarantee inclusion of all submissions.